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Video ads (by region)


Limits 200000 - 10000000


The price is taking into account the seasonal coefficient at
Need help creating a comprehensive media plan? Our marketer will make a comprehensive placement, taking into account your target audience and business characteristics

The placement of the commercial will be broadcast on many web sites including the service of displaying video.

The basic and the most common of which are:
- "VKontakte";
- "Facebook";
- Youtube;
- "Instagram".

Screenings of the movie will be in the region of the city the selected city.

Programmatic consists essentially of three elements:


Sistematizirovat and stores all the data about your potential customers. Data sources are 3 channel – network data computer, mobile data and social networks.

These 3 source let you know: Gender, age, marital status, content preferences, search history, geolocation, history, Internet purchases, income and more. Thus, all the profiles are divided into 2500 segments, such as thorough classification will allow you to go from precise targeting to high precision.


In fact it is a platform to sell advertising space of their sites in real-time. We cover 78 SSP platform that will allow you to show your ads on 95% of websites on the Internet.


Automatic tool procurement, which enables
real time to buy advertising space from SSP under your target customers.

It all starts with the selection of key parameters under your RK usually is GEO, wealth and age. If You initially confident that you know the portrait of his client to the last detail, we can start immediately with high-precision targeting. A clear portrait of your target customer you will get monthly in line with your advertising campaign.

An initial sowing, by displaying your advertising message to your target audience.

After that, the game takes a unique design under the name robot predictor. This mechanism analyzes all users starting with those who passed on the banner ending with those who have made the desired effect. Under analysis fall: time on site, depth of view, number of target actions, etc.

The result of analysis will perform 2 group portraits of users:

- Who is the show effectively;
- Who better to interact on this product.

With the new data targeting adapts the successful cases with the help of technology "look a like", simply put is chosen the most similar profiles to those who responded to your ad. Thus, you save money without showing inappropriate categories and improve their performance.

AND ALSO: collects and uploads of big data. The service will record the IDs of all users since your company will accumulate, given the segments and behavioral characteristics. You will be able to upload the IDs of all users who have ever interacted with Your ad and targeted to target them using other advertising tools, such as the context, remarketing, etc.

The cost of accommodation does not include the development / optimization of promotional materials.

* The figures are forecasted based on the previous experience of advertising companies(not guaranteed).

Access to metrics and Analytics (Yandex Metrika, Google Analytics) - a prerequisite for the control of the campaign.



Videos must not be misleading, i.e. it cannot contain
buttons and other elements. PREROLL must not contain any visible artifacts, distortion
proportions and other errors. Low-quality video processing with a high degree of compression to
location will not be accepted. It is recommended not to show the important information at the bottom
10% of the video, because there are controls player.

Format: video H. 264 (MPEG-4), AAC codec for audio.
Aspect ratio and resolution example
● 16:9 – 640x360, 1280x720, 1920x1080 (recommended)
● 4:3 – 480x360, 720x540, 960x720
Audio format: MP3 or AAC preferred
Frames per second: 30
Maximum file size: 10MB (In-Banner Video - less than 1MB).
Duration: No more than 60 seconds recommended 15 seconds.

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We support the following payment options for advertising:
To the current account under the contract
Bank transfer through a mobile bank for individuals (under the offer agreement).

Advertising is launched after 100% prepayment.
The invoice is automatically billed in your account after the seller confirms the order.
In case of late payment, the schedule for advertising may move.

If you have any questions about payment, call the toll free number +7 800 1002 592

The seller provides a report on the release of advertising after the end of the advertising campaign.

If the advertisement is not made through the fault of the seller - the seller compensates for the output of the advertisement as agreed with the customer