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Website Optimization

SEO - Promotion of sites

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The main objective of website optimization is to make it more adapted for proper content consumption by users visiting the website and for effective delivery in the Internet space, in particular in the popular search engines.

Optimization is required to further, proper and effective setup of SEO - Promotion.


- Internal optimization;
- Analysis of the internal structure of the Website;
- The semantic core;
- Clustering of queries and the creation of maps of relevance;
- Writing meta-tags for keyword queries (Title, description);
- Check website for filter "Baden-Baden" (filter imposed by the search system "Yandex" in combat overoptimize and meaningless SEO-texts);

- Completion of file robots.txt. (text file, which contains recommendations for action by search engines);

- Completion of file sitemap.xml. (a file with information for search engines about pages in a web site, which is subject to indexing);

- Select the main mirror with or without www and redirect 301;

- Check site for affiliates (sites, often owned by one company and is promoted on the same list of queries);

Analysis internal links Website, search and analysis of warnings, comments and errors in the panel webmaster;

- The search for incorrect documents and referenced in pages;

- Removal of error pages (if a page gives 404 code);

- Analysis of the vulnerability of the Site;
- Check the value of speed of loading pages;

Testing the cross-browser capability (correct layout of the website with the help of which page appear the same in different browsers);

- Check HTML-code for validation;
- Check the operation of the feedback forms, order forms;
- Analysis for the presence of duplicate pages within the Site and their removal;
- Check for hidden text and remove it;

- Site registration in the panel Yandex webmaster;
Registration of your website in webmaster panel of Google;

- Check and add a Favicon (a small website icon that is displayed before the page title in the browser tab, bookmarks, snippets in the organic results of issuance and advertisement content in some search engines);

- Installation of counters Yandex.Metrics, Google Analytics;
- Placing alternative text and titles to images;

- Check for pessimiziruyutsya of sanctions by the search engines (with duplicate content, buying links, the price markup of behavioral factors, etc.);

- Binding the Website to the promoted region;
- Configuring goals in Yandex.Metric.

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We support the following payment options for advertising:
To the current account under the contract
Bank transfer through a mobile bank for individuals (under the offer agreement).

Advertising is launched after 100% prepayment.
The invoice is automatically billed in your account after the seller confirms the order.
In case of late payment, the schedule for advertising may move.

If you have any questions about payment, call the toll free number +7 800 1002 592

The seller provides a report on the release of advertising after the end of the advertising campaign.

If the advertisement is not made through the fault of the seller - the seller compensates for the output of the advertisement as agreed with the customer