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Native advertising articles and tapes


Limits 50000 - 300000


The price is taking into account the seasonal coefficient at
Need help creating a comprehensive media plan? Our marketer will make a comprehensive placement, taking into account your target audience and business characteristics

Natural (native) advertising is the way in which the advertiser attracts attention in the context of the site and user interests. In the original it is perceived as part of the viewing site, take into account the particularities of the stage, not identificireba as is and not causing the audience rejection.

This is a gallery of images (up to 5).
The slide transition automatically or when you tap on the screen.

On click, the user navigates to a website of the client.

Site hosting advertising message:

Auto News, Avtosklad, Avtodispetcher, Auto, Garant, World of Apple, All about cosmetology, Cyber Sport, a Movie, a Matter of taste, a Website about creativity, Lifehacker, Elle, Marie Claire, Mood, TV, Psychologies, Woman's day, woman's magazine, Women's magazine, StarHit, Live, MaximOnline, Fontanka, iReactor, Komsomolskaya Pravda, news Agency, TVC, Moskovsky Komsomolets , the planet today, News, Moscow 24, news of Murmansk, the news of Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod Online, news Chelyabinsk, Tyumen news, News Perm, Ufa news, Samara news, news Rostov, Omsk NGS, NGS in Novosibirsk, news of Volgograd, news Arhangelska, news Yaroslavl, Kemerovo NGS, NGS Krasnoyarsk, Arguments and facts, L!FE, Around the world, Chartblog, Music online,, Akabu, Zee TV, Gaming Portal, Happy parents,, championship, Futbolist, Sportboks, Soviet sport, is Your Sport, and others.

Mobile Native Carousel

1. Brand logo on transparent background image height is 50 pixels. PNG format, maximum file size 30 KB.
2. Text writing brand.
3. The image in five sizes:
WxH 1000:1000 pixels (1:1)
1000 WxH:750 pixels (4:3)
WxH 1000:667 pixels (3:2)
WxH 1000:625 pixels (16:10)
WxH 1000:563 pixels (16:9).
The PNG file format. The name must specify the proportions of the image. Sample: creative1_4*3.png.
Do not place images, text, logos, buttons, and other elements. For this ad there is a specially designed field.
4. Title: up to 50 characters including spaces. The basic meaning of the advertising message must be contained in the header as additional description text is not displayed at all sites.
5. Description: up to 60 characters including spaces.

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We support the following payment options for advertising:
To the current account under the contract
Bank transfer through a mobile bank for individuals (under the offer agreement).

Advertising is launched after 100% prepayment.
The invoice is automatically billed in your account after the seller confirms the order.
In case of late payment, the schedule for advertising may move.

If you have any questions about payment, call the toll free number +7 800 1002 592

The seller provides a report on the release of advertising after the end of the advertising campaign.

If the advertisement is not made through the fault of the seller - the seller compensates for the output of the advertisement as agreed with the customer